Saturday, August 30, 2008

Worst Airline Nightmare Quiz + report on my six-hour flight (leg one of three) from San Francisco to Miami

"You deserve a medal," whispered the American Airlines flight attendant. She gave me a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, glanced at the screaming toddler next to me and continued down the aisle, away from the ruckus in Row 22. I have never traveled with a toddler under my care on a cross-country flight, but I now feel fully qualified after this six hour-flight from San Francisco, California, to Miami, Florida. This little fellow with the robust vocal cords had a doting support staff of three: mom plus two grandparents catering to his every whim. I tuned out much of the family frenzy by listening to my Ipod (grateful I decided to bring it!).

I am enjoying my hour layover in Miami - though clearly I'm not dressed properly for Rio - many of the women here at the gate are wearing tight, "skinny" jeans, spike heels, plunging necklines and have manes of luscious, long hair.

Next up: fly from Miami to Rio, then Rio to Florianopolis, where I will meet my whale watching tour group at the airport. I may be a little out of it by my arrival time of noon Sunday.

NOTE TO PROCRASTINATORS: Packing this morning, an hour before I left, was not such a hot idea - turned out that clothing/gear for an 11-day mountain bike trip at elevation of 8,000-14,000 feet, business clothes for conference and clothing for the tropics did not fit in my new 4,0000 cubic inch wheeled luggage from Patagonia store. So I have an "overflow" bag ....

Thanks, Luke, for all your tech support, and Jec, for the ride to the airport today.

What do you think is the WORST scenario for a six-hour flight:

a. Sitting squashed next to a generously-sized person
b. Being in close earshot of a screaming baby
c. Having an over-talkative seatmate

Ciao for now!