Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hong Kong--coming to the end of our trip

This is the first time I have had an internet connection in more than a week. We've been very busy the past two days. Today in Hong Kong we got up at 6 a.m., took 4 buses, and went through 2 customs check points. The other day we took an amazing 24 hour scenic train ride across Tibet, then had a city tour on a bus before we went to the airport for a 5 hour flight.

Alas, I am vincible! The cigarette smoke in China has finally caught up with me. I am better now though still a little congested and tired. My kind travel mates were well-stocked in over the counter meds which helped me.

It is 10 30 p.m. in Hong Kong on the eleventh floor of my hotel. I will wake up at 6

a.m. to catch a bus to the airport to return home at 7 a.m.