Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Visiting Boise, Idaho? List of businesses I recommend from my July 2008 visit

What's What in Boise - Karen's List of Referrals for Boise, Idaho

Bicycle Rentals -
I rented a road bike, then a mountain bike (no car!) during my 5-night Boise visit
ID MT Touring - 13th and Main Street


Other Bike Rental places in Boise:
MCU Sports, 208-342-7734

Boise Restaurants

Mai Thai, 750 West Idaho St.,
Pair, 601 Main Street
Bardenay, 610 Grove Street, Basque district, 208-426-0538

Camera Sales/Supply
Idaho Camera, 1036 Vista Ave., 208-343-8075
For a non-disposable rafting camera, they suggested:
Olympus 1030SW $400, waterproof camera

Massage Therapy

LeeAnn Garton, massage therapist, sculptor
Massage Works
804 W. Boise Ave

Liz Rosenthal
300 Main Street - between 4th and Main


Toastmasters Club 61 meets Tuesday nights at Twin Dragon
Be sure to confirm time/meeting place locally

Yoga Center, Rose Hill Road
YMCA, downtown Boise