Saturday, December 03, 2011

Outside Magazine's List of 70 Best Adventure and Outside Sports Blogs

I salue these fellow bloggers who were selected "The Best Of" by Outside Magazine writers and editors. Ten blogs were selected from these 7 categories: adventure, environment, gear, biking, climbing, fitness and running. Out of these 7, my favorites are adventure and biking, so please find below one handy list of advnture blogs that I have restructured for faster reading! My next post will be on the bicycling blogs.

Credit for the content goes to: OUTSIDE ONLINE, Nov. 30, 2011

Good for: Media reviews and adventure news from local papers
Written by: Wend staff and ambassadors

Good for: Viral videos.
Written by: Pete Thomas, Tom Morin, and crew.

Good for: News of the weird.
Written by: Chris Owen on ocean travel, Jessica Festa on international travel, Laurel Miller on food and drink, and a handful of guest contributors.

Good for: Quirky outdoor facts
Written by: Edward Abbey-quoting, vintage-picture-finding journalist Jeffrey Thrope

Good for: Jaw-dropping videos and photos from the ends of the earth
Written by: Photographer and climber Jimmy Chin, expedition leader Conrad Anker, skier Ingrid Backstrom, and, well, you get the idea

Good for: Expedition updates
Written by: Austin, Texas-based blogger Kraig Becker, owner of the twitter handle @KungFuJedi

Good for: Easy listening
Written by: Do-it-all multimedia guru Fitz Cahall, cofounder of the web video series Tracing the Edge and The Season

Good for: A daily adventure fix
Written by: Veteran adventure travel editor Mary Anne Potts, Steve Casimiro on gear, Aparna Ragagopal-Durbin on outdoor skills, and a handful of other contributors

Good for: Multiple daily adventure quick hits
Written by: Veteran gear and adventure blogger Rocky Thompson, with news hits from Adventure Journal

Good for: All things adventure
Written by: Steve Casimiro, former editor of Powder and Bike, and Michael Frank, a former editor at Esquire and Bicycling.