Tuesday, December 06, 2011

10 Best Bicycling Blogs List 2011 from Outside Magazine - What's Missing?

Karen Kefauver's Outdoor Blogging Office (One Warm Afternoon)
"The Top 10 Biking Blogs — The best sites for expert race commentary, gear reviews, and bike porn," compiled by Aaron Gulley and published November 28, 2011, has made me wonder:

What are your picks for the best blogs for cyclists? (And unlike this list, please DO include ones like Velo News, Pink Bike, etc.)

* In my previous blog post, I summarized Outside Magazine's Top 10 Adventure Blog Websites.

Despite Gulley's disclaimer: "Before you get your chamois in a knot over all the killer pages I neglected and start sending hate mail about how out of touch I am, let me say this: These picks are personal, somewhat arbitrary, and based on the frequency I visit the blogs and the regularity that I ride away with something useful" there are plenty of heated comments. 

In the 30+ comments generated on this post, many were dismayed that these 2 blogs were not on the list: Drunk Cyclist and All Hail the Black Market. As for me, I am partial to Richard Masoner's Cyclicious.
Typing and biking go together, just not at the same time. 

"There are tons of great sites out there that provide detailed, ongoing bike news and coverage (e.g. CyclingNews, Velo News, PinkBike, etc.)," said Gulley. "These aren't them. What I look for in a blog is analysis and opinion beyond the headlines and quirky bits that make me scratch my head or laugh out loud. These sites do that, so go check them out."