Friday, September 09, 2011

Night time stroll in Beijing September 9

Last night, after dinner at a hotel, our group walked about an hour to try and find a street celebration of Autumn Festival, a major holiday that ranks up there with New Year. It is a time to celebrate family and the harvest season - there is a full moon. Naturally, I was most interested in trying the Moon Cookies - but alas, we found no cookies or celebration. Happily, we did stumble upon some adorable kids racing on their inline skates and eager parents cheering them on in what appeared to be amateur, but spirited races. Nearby, we were astonished and mesmerized by the recently built performing arts center, nicknamed, "The Egg." We were treated to an amazing light display as the building appeared, blue, purple, silver, alternatively as huge spot lights beamed upon it. Truly space age and breath-taking. All the more so because the builiding was surrounded by a reflecting pool. This was a highlight so far and all the more delightful because we just stumbled up on it - not part of our "official tour."

Kids racing on inline skates

Amazing light show for the new performing art center known as The Egg

Building turned blue, purple, silver, as huge colored spot lights beamed upon it

Silver Egg