Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Santa Cruz Cyclist sets off on 4,000-mile cross country bike tour - and I joined him - for 15 miles!

What inspired Bart Coddington, 65, to ride his fully loaded bicycle across the U.S. from his hometown of Santa Cruz, California, to his 47th high school reunion in Rye, New York?

I aim to answer that question and share Bart's passion for bicycling in two blog posts for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. I was so impressed with his endeavor that I got up at 6 a.m. today to see him off on his ride. (Many of you know that is not my shining hour). Now the rest is up to Bart!

To find out more, visit my cycling blog, Spin City:

Bart Coddington, the president of the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club, sets off with four loaded bike bags and three friends on Wednesday, July 1. He is pictured here, on Highway 1, near Davenport, about 19 miles into the 4,000-mile ride. Though one friend will ride with him for the first days, it is a solo journey.
Photo Credit: Karen Kefauver