Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Big Adventure: I am on the move, but not in between counties!

Sometimes the biggest adventures happen in small spaces, not faraway places. Change and growth take a different form for me when I am staying put in one place instead of exploring new ones. At the moment, I am enjoying settling down, again, in Santa Cruz, California, where I have lived for 16 years. I moved out here from my native Washington, D.C. I landed here, by chance, when I was 23, with just a backpack, and have stayed thru my 20s and 30s - soon I will be 40! During the past 13 months, I have moved seven times; on June 1, I found a home I plan to stay in for a while.

This is how my latest adventure looks: going inward, reflecting and writing! Staying put is a different kind of trip!

Friends and colleagues remain eager to hear about my travels to Brazil and Peru (August-September '08) as well as rafting in Idaho and road biking in Montana (last summer). I have photos to share and stories to tell from those amazing experiences. Now that I am settled, I will be able to make that happen, at last!

Please stay tuned to my blog!