Friday, June 20, 2008

Impressions of Missoula after 48 Hours - Wild West mural, pictured below

Too bad I missed Punk Rock Yoga tonight. Of the many forms of yoga I have experienced, that is a new one! Happily, my Friday was filled with other adventures:

* I explored the network of paved bike paths along the Clark Fork River after walking several miles to pick up my road bike which was assembled at Big Sky Cyclery. My week-long trip starts tomorrow!

*I perfected my yoga asanas at a lunchtime class at Down Dog, a small 2-room studio that opened recently downtown.

* Helped stimulate Missoula economy with last-minute purchases at outdoors stores - Trailhead, Missoula Bicycle Works and The Runner's Edge (Spread the l$ve).

* Dropped by the Adventure Cycling Association office again today and met Winona, (pictured below) ACA's media coordinator, and Sarah, a trip logistics specialist. Took photos of their wonderful, bike-filled office.

General Observations after 2 days in Missoula:
* Grass here is glorious emerald green as if front lawns had been color-corrected. No parched California landscapes.
* Compared to Santa Cruz, folks of all ages here appear to:
Smoke a lot more cigarettes (there was a student-led anti-tobacco protest yesterday).
Dress even more casually than in Santa Cruz (who knew it was possible?)

Ride their bicycles in a well-developed bike route system. I wish I saw more riders wearing helmets.
Make eye contact and say hello to strangers - wonderful!

It's 10 p.m. and the sun has FINALLY set. I gave up waiting around the river for the sunset shots tonight - but the mosquitoes were glad for my company. Plus, I did not mind hanging out in one of my favorite spots: Brennan's Wave - a place on the Clark Fork River, right near downtown, where people gather to watch the FINE FORM of surfing. Fitness rules here.
P.S. Kevin, below, has been surfing for ten years. His cap went down the river tonight... maybe it will turn up on the banks.