Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sun Valley, Idaho - First Impressions on a Summer Night

I've had a love affair with Idaho for a few years now, and a highlight was a whitewater rafting trip with ROW Adventures in 2008! But I had not been to Sun Valley, Idaho, until summer of 2011. Here are a few observations from a Santa Cruz, California, resident visiting for the first time. 
Sun Valley is a pretty place with a lovely mountain view wherever you look!
Ketchum First Impressions: 
- Summer means plenty of outdoor dining options — I love eating outside! 
- This is a great town for walking or biking
- Dry air means I need more water and lip balm
- Sun Valley sported far more upscale boutiques, spas and restaurants than I expected
- This is an outdoors' lover paradise, it's also cowboy country: it feels more Western with country music and country style clothing much more prevalent! 
- Make sure you ride or rent a bike while you are here!

I'm not in California anymore: Raspberries are $7 a carton (not organic!) I did buy lettuce, sweet snap peas and Ukrainian salad (looks like cole slaw) from a Ukrainian woman who made other foods I'd never seen before - cool! 
It happens 2:30 to 6:00 P.M. – Tuesdays – June Through October.

One of my favorite treats from the farmer's market was an amazing fresh loaf of bread from Rolling in Dough. I'll visit the bakery's storefront tomorrow.

I collected my bike from Jason at Elephant's Perch, a great bike shop located in downtown Ketchum in a sprawling house converted into a store. Good vibe there. I'll test ride my bike tomorrow. 
As a last stop tonight, I enjoyed a free concert in the park by Rising Lion, a reggae band from Florida. There was a happy sense of community at an evening show, part of Ketchum Alive.

Best for last: Nice visit with friend and former Santa Cruzan Pat Schott! It was short but he showed me his town like he's been here longer than 4 years. Thanks for the nice welcome, Pat!

Next Up: Ride Sun Valley bike events: http://www.ridesunvalley.com/events.php

Ketchum Alive is a summer concert series that happens on Tuesday nights! Good music and fun community vibe.

It was a small plane from Salt Lake City, Utah,  to Sun Valley, Idaho, but I didn't feel sick on the smooth, 50-minute flight!