Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mismaloya, Mexico, a Fun Day in Photos

Grandma and grandson at water's edge in Playa Mismaloya
The monkeys seemed content at Puerto Vallarta Zoo but I was not so sure about some of the larger animals. See my previous blog post.
The vendors will swarm you on Playa Mismaloya. I bought just one slice of lemon meringue pie from the "Pie Lady from Yelapa" - yum! I enjoyed watching others wheel and deal, like this family.
I took a day trip to Boca de Tomatlan- a 15 min. bus ride from Mismaloya.
Boca de Tomatlan may be best known as the place where you can catch a water taxi to Yelapa.

Home, sweet home. Also known as Casa Iguana Hotel, where I spent my first 3 nights in Mexico. 

I loved the tranquility of the Boca beach, below. It's a small beach, but people actually lie on towels not just chairs for rent!

A fabulous sunset to end my 3 nights in Mismaloya.