Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mountain Bikers Gear up for Cross Country Race Series in Central California

I write a weekly blog post for the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It's part of my being their sport bicycling columnist for Spin City - my monthly column, that appears in print and online! Here's my latest blog:
The cyclocross season has come to an end (UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships were held last weekend in Tabor, Czech Republic). That means it’s time for cyclists to focus on mountain bike racing. I have vowed this will be my comeback year, now that I have a new, super high-tech, full suspension bike from Specialized. I’m inspired to strive for faster cornering and downhills during my cross country racing. Watch out, sport class women! I hope you get inspired to come race, or at least come check out the competition at two race series starting up this month in Central California. Both start in February: one is hosted by Central Coast Cyclocross (CCCX) and other by new event producer South Valley, Out and About, Feb 2010

You should read the whole article.
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