Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hiking the Inca ruins in Pisaq - a day trip from Cusco, Peru

The Pisaq Ruins were wonderful!

I am in Cusco now until Sunday morning, when I catch a flight to Lima. Below are photos from my day trip today to Pisaq. It took an hour by bus and was well worth it to explore the market and hike to the ruins.

My day started with breakfast and this lovely view of Cusco from Hostal Corihuasi's dining room.

My intention was to shop at the Pisaq market, which attracts vendors from outlying areas. This market happens twice a week - Thursdays and Sundays. As usual, my plans changed.

Locals shop for produce and buy meals at stands, while packs of tourists stroll through the artesan market place to shop for woven goods, ceramics and the woolen hats with earflaps.

I enjoyed people-watching at the market, but just like in the U.S., I don't really like shopping. As usual, I was drawn to a less populated place: a path to the ruins. This dirt trail is not the preferred route of most visitors, who take taxis or buses up the road to the ruins. It took about an hour of steep uphill to reach the ruins.

Hiking to the ruins was amazing - I saw no other tourists on my hour hike upwards and enjoyed spectacular, panoramic views.

Eventually, I did run into all the folks from the tour buses!

More soon!
I have been preparing collections of photos to share with you on my grand adventures. Coming soon, photos and stories on:

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* Sacred Rides Bike Tour (11 days)
* Ollantaytambo
* Patacancha
* Inca ruins
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