Monday, November 26, 2007

A trip to Farragut North is a journey back in time as well as foundation for the future

When I was in high school, each summer I worked at a Washington, D.C., law firm headquartered across the street from the Farragut North metro station. As a teenager, it was thrilling to dress up (think early 80's styles), take the subway downtown from Bethesda and go to work in the nation's capital. Emerging from the subway, I loved joining the flow of hustling business people packing the sidewalks on Connecticut Avenue.

Today, I got to enjoy Farragut North again, but with a new twist: I met with two National Geographic travel editors to discuss book proposals. Larry Porges and Barbara Noe (pictured right) and I discussed ideas over lunch at the Tabard Inn. Of course, I can't tell you the top secret ideas, but I will happily point to the NGS books they have published thus far to give you an idea of their titles.

Coming up soon - details so you can tune into the Travel'n On Radio Show this Saturday, Dec. I will be one of the featured guests on the topics of travel, fitness and travel writing.