Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Love-Hate Affair at Burning Man 2007

My first Burning Man experience was a love-hate affair. During my five-day stay in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, (Monday, Aug. 27 to Friday, August 31) my feelings fluctuated between jubilation and loathing. I loved the spirit of freedom, the fabulous art cars and massive art installations. My primary interest in attending was to view the incredible sculptures and buildings I had seen in pictures for years - what I saw in the dusty desert actually surprassed my expectations. However, I hated the constant cacophony of contrasting music that thumped through the playa past 2 a.m. and started again at 6 a.m. for a pagan sunrise ritual. Though I was massively sleep-deprived, I am absolutely glad I went because it is an experience I will always remember. Will I go again? The verdict is still out! More soon.. For more of my Burning Man 2007 photos, visit http://www.pbase.com/karenkefauver/burning_man_2007