Thursday, June 19, 2008

Missoula Downtown Event Thursday Night

I attended a free summer concert featuring a group called Salsa Loca. It was part of Downtown Tonight series in Caras Park, next to the Clark Fork River which runs through downtown Missoula. Nearby, there was a sizable crowd watching about five surfers and kayakers on the river. Each took turns riding a man-made surf spot on the river called Brennan's Wave.

If you visit Missoula, try and schedule a massage with Ania Preuss! I was enticed by the sidewalk sign outside of the Burtello Salon: "Deep Tissue Massage - You Know You Need One! Walk-ins welcome." I wandered inside and turned out Ania had an open appointment. In addition to relaxing my muscles, she provided me with a list of Missoula places I might enjoy (upon my request). Thanks to her, I visited:

* Hob Nob, a health-food lover's paradise on Higgins Street, Missoula's main drag. Had a wonderful sandwich on homemade bread with fresh green salad.

* Good Food Store (Friday). Massive health food store that's been in town for 30 years or so. Built a gigantic salad at the salad bar and dined outside there.

* Down Dog Yoga (Friday)

* Farmer's Markets (Saturday)