Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gearing up for Cyclocross Season with New Women's Team

I am in the center of this group of Ciclista Bonita, a new women's bicycling team and club. We all attended a Sept. 5 cyclocross clinic in Aptos, California. Photo Credit: Tom Feix.

I have not raced cyclocross for a few seasons, so naturally I'm a little rusty on the signature moves of the niche cycling sport. Jumping on and off my bike, running up steep hills and leaping over wooden barriers while carrying my bike is not part of my normal rides, but it is critical training for cyclocross. Since this style of riding includes such a unique blend of road and mountain bike techniques, practice is key. On Sunday, Sept. 5, I was inspired to pump up the tires on my purple Rock Lobster cyclocross bike and attend a cyclocross skills clinic. Hosted by Bike Station Aptos and Ciclista Bonita  -- a new women's cycling team based in Santa Cruz County -- the clinic boasted professional cyclist Ben Jacques-Maynes as one of the several instructors. The half-day session filled to capacity with 60 people, including a handful of juniors.

"We had a waiting list," said Mary Perez, Ciclista Bonita Team Manager.
Perez is considering hosting another cyclocross clinic in October. Meanwhile, the team is organizing a series of health and fitness talks focused on women but open to everyone.

On Sept. 28, Dr. Goldi Jacques-Maynes of Golden Chiropractic will talk about "Self Care for Ciclistas: How to keep your body happy with simple stretches, foam rollers & massage sticks." The talk will take place at Bike Station Aptos. A $10 donation is encouraged to help support women's and junior cycling programs.

For a listing of other cyclocross clinics and a cyclocross race calendar, visit

Ciclistas Bonitas show their high stepping practice moves for jumping over barricades in cyclocross bike racing.  Photo credit: Tom Feix.
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