Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirt Series by Rocky Mountain Bikes - Day 2 report of camp April 25-26, 2009

A handful of stellar coaches from this weekend's Dirt Series camp for women mountain bikers stood still for a moment for this photo on Saturday morning at The Bicycle Trip. Photo credit: Karen Kefauver.

NEW PHOTO LINK: Finally, all photos posted! (May 9, 2009)

My arms and back are so sore today (Monday) that I can barely type, but this incredible soreness is worth it. After 2 full days of mountain bike skills clinic this past weekend with the Dirt Series presented by Rocky Mountain Bikes, I achieved my primary goal - learning key skills to lift my front wheel over logs and other obstacles on the trail. I also achieved my secondary goal: to consume a record number of chocolate S'more Luna bars... Next year, I will try to tackle bunny hops and a bigger "teeter totter."

Evan, left, of The Bicycle Trip was one of the Santa Cruz shop's mechanics who led skills sessions on Saturday night during the 2-day Dirt Camp. Here he gives Gnat a hand. Photo credit: Karen Kefauver.

I finished the all-women camp Sunday evening at 6 p.m. after a group ride at Soquel Demonstration Forest (AKA "Demo.") Our posse of 6 women was led by super-talented coach Kathy Pruitt: Current downhill World Cup competitor and US National Champion, ten-time US National Team member, former Junior World Champion and pro women’s motocross racer, living in Santa Cruz, CA. The 24-hour mountain bike goddess Melanie Dominguez of Santa Cruz volunteered to be our sweep which was helpful because she knows the trails so well.

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* I will post my photos of this clinic tomorrow at my photo gallery! and blog here that they're up.

Clinic time at The Bicycle Trip Saturday night! Nate tells us to keep the chain clean and check the tires and the brakes before each ride. Photo credit: Karen Kefauver