Monday, October 27, 2008

5 Ways I know I am back in the USA and Santa Cruz, California

This is a fat costume for a Halloween bike race. It is no joke that many Americans really do look like this!

Back here in the United States, I notice:

1. People walk a lot faster.
2. They wear darker colors; I miss the bright, traditional Peruvian clothing.
3. The country is in a presidential election frenzy!
4. People complain about their stock portfolios.
5. How I know I am back in Santa Cruz, Calfornia, specifically -

• A visitor from New York commented, "Every day is Halloween in Santa Cruz." He made this observation after walking down our main drag, Pacific Avenue. He noticed that anything goes, fashion-wise, in this liberal, little seaside university town.

• At the Farmer's Market, the first person I bumped into there was an acquaintance from Burning Man 2007. He offered me a bag of fresh green peas. He told me to pick one pea, crack open the pod and he would look inside it and tell me my fortune. My future looks bright!

* I was invited to a Halloween party with the theme CEOs and Hos. Within a few hours, several people were semi-naked on the dance floor. (Not I!)

Before the Halloween party, I met with friends Marilyn and Caroline.

Best of all about being home: Where else can I attend a Halloween costume bike race?!

Yep, that's me in the black wig and red helmet!