Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rio - Perfect place to start a vacation after a week of work in Sao Paulo!

Karen enjoys the wind and the sea of the famous beach in Rio, Copacabana. Here, she is at a scenic overlook above the beach.

Greetings from Rio! I have been mostly unplugged since my arrival in Rio Thursday night. Yes, I did have to wait eight hours in the Sao Paulo airport last Thursday to get here, but it was worth it. Everyone said Rio was worth visiting. In fact, my new Sao Paulo friend, writer and artist Marilyn Diggs, said if I did not visit Rio, it would be like going to France without seeing Paris. She is right. Off to the beach again today, Sunday. I will remain in Rio a few more days. Am enjoying my stay at this Argentine-owned youth hostel.

Anything goes in Rio. This is the beach walk next to Ipanema beach. It's not uncommon to see this same look in the city streets nearby the beach.