Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Six Degrees of Separation between me and Olympic athlete Jill Kintner, BMX racer

In April, at the Sea Otter Classic bicycling festival in Monterey, California, I attended a women's mountain bike skills clinic taught by Jill Kintner (pictured, left). A four-time national champion and three-time world champion in the downhill bicycling event known as mountain-cross, Jill set her sights on qualifying for the Olympics in a bike discipline known as BMX. (The sport makes its Olympic debut this summer in Beijing.)

Now Jill, of Seattle, Washington, has made the cut for the Summer Games - by just one point! Plus, she is the one and only woman representing the United States in the BMX competition. In a bittersweet twist, she beat out her closest rival - and dear friend - Arielle Martin - to secure this coveted spot.

Here is the scoop from Jill's blog, on www.jillkintner.com:
Taiyuan, China
After one of the longest, hottest, windiest days ever, I made the main event and finished 6th in the World for Elite BMX. Crazy part is this finish also secured my position as the only American girl who will represent BMX in the 2008 Olympic Games!!!!

Here is an Associated Press story with more on Jill.

Go, Jill, go!