Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adventure Skydiving in Hollister

My friend Christian wanted to do something "he had always dreamed of" to celebrate his 40th birthday this past September. The party entertainment? Skydiving! Fortunately, he knew where to go to get expert instruction: Adventure Center Skydiving in Hollister, www.1800funjump.com.Turned out only eight of the 100+ guests invited took the host up on his unusual birthday offer. I am glad I lived to tell about it!

Special thanks to Sebastien Nicolas, my tandem skydive instructor. He had a great sense of humor paired with solid experience. Plus, we had fun talking about what his fiance, Sarah, thinks of his job (she thinks it's cool!). My fiance, Norman, was on the airplane with me, also about to do his first tandem jump.