Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why Race a 24-Hour Mountain Bike Event?

Karen's Question to 24-Hour Mountain Bike Racers: Why?
Honestly, I am still baffled about the appeal of these 24-hour moutnain bike races. However, the Coolest 24 Hour Mt. Bike Race was a superb event - Jim, the race director went all out in organizing a great experience for the racers and making it a successful fundraiser for cancer. In fact, it was so well run and so much fun (great food, prizes, band, and most of all good vibe) that Norman is eager to return to Cool next year.

I am in awe of Norman and other solo racers, since I am unsure that I could remain motiviated to ride around and around the same course as many times as possible. Norman said he enjoyed pushing himself mentally and physically and felt that he was only competing against himself. My quest to understand this continues - I just may have to race one myself sometime to figure it out. Stay tuned!